4 Monthly Checks Required for all LED Inspection-Grade Lamps

4 Monthly Checks Required for all LED Inspection-Grade Lamps

User-check requirements for LED UV-A lamps, and how to plot the beam of an LED UV-A lamp for Airbus AITM6-1001 Issue 11

By David Geis, Product Manager

The user-check requirements for LED UV-A Lamps continue to evolve as Aerospace Primes have more experience and feedback from their supplier network. Previously, we described How to Check LED UV Stability in order to comply with Airbus AITM 6-1001 Issue 11. Since then, Airbus has changed the monitoring requirements for users. LED UV Stability is no longer a monthly user check, however new and different user checks are required. Here’s what you need to know.
Monthly Checks

Per Airbus Memorandum ME1720084, four monthly checks are required for all LED lamps used for inspection: Beam Variability, Minimum Working Distance, Beam Irradiance Profile, and Maximum Irradiance. The results of these four checks must be recorded in a written report. Some of these will be familiar, but until now the others have only applied to lamp manufacturers.
Maximum Irradiance Check

Checking the Maximum Irradiance is the same as a normal UV-A lamp intensity check. The lamp is held at a fixed distance from the UV-A meter and the irradiance is verified in µW/cm2. For Airbus, this check is performed at the individual lamp working distance. As part of Airbus and Rolls-Royce certification, lamp manufacturers will verify the working distance of each individual lamp for a maximum irradiance of 5,000 µW/cm2, and the result is listed on the lamp certification. That working distance should be used in place of the standard 15 in / 38 cm distance to comply with the latest Airbus requirements.

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