What are the Differences Between Developers, and Which Should I Use For Penetrant Inspections?

Developers enhance the visibility of penetrant indications, in this blog we explore the various forms and learn what makes them different.

How do developers work?

Developers enhance the visibility of penetrant indications by pulling penetrant from a surface open discontinuity and spreading the penetrant through the developer coating on the part surface. The penetrant indication may appear larger than its actual size as the penetrant spreads through the developer over time. Specifications state minimum and maximum development times to address the spread of penetrant through developer. The minimum development time should allow enough time for penetrant to be pulled from the surface open flaw and spread on the part surface for enhanced visibility. The maximum development time is in place to minimize excessive penetrant “bleed out” from an indication that could potentially obscure the indication.

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Common penetrant inspection misunderstandings

In this video we reveal common penetrant inspection misunderstandings we’ve seen in the field.

We kick-off with the following questions:

  • Is the highest sensitivity penetrant the best penetrant for my application?
  • Is an indication always a discontinuity?
  • Are water washable penetrants water based?

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Microfocus X-Ray Tubes

  1. Paramount tube power 500 Watt also at maximum voltage of 300 kV
  2. Internal cooling of the tube head and turbo pump for highest stability of focal spot position increases accuracy of CT scans.
  3. Reduced heel effect and round focal spot by redesigned reflection target.
  4. Automatic Intensity Control (AIC) for continuous intensity of radiation
  5. Unlimited lifetime

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“Global Security” – YXLON


In an era of increased security activities globally, safety professionals need fast and reliable high-tech systems and efficient measures to address this new global environment. One of these systems is the OCV car scanning portal.

In the case story “Global Security” – with Swiss-based manufacturer Mircea Tudor, you can read how integration of the EVO 300D into their OCV systems, improves the system productivity and global security.