Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)

Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) is a nondestructive testing (NDT) method that does not harm the inspected parts. MPI is a cost-effective and reliable testing method commonly used to identify surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.

In this brochure we cover:

  • The Importance of Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Determining Inspection Method
  • Determining Application Method
  • Common Applications
  • Common Terms
  • Method Process Guide

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Does Magnetic Particle Size Matter?

Breaking down the definitions of particle, micron, and the debate if magnetic particle size has an effect in magnetic particle inspection.

What is a fluorescent magnetic particle?

A fluorescent magnetic particle is a mixture of three elements in which each component serves a particular purpose:

  1. Iron: provides ferrous material to force particle movement when electrically charged by magnetic fields
  2. Fluorescent pigment: what glows brightly underneath ultraviolet lights
  3. Resin: binds these two materials together and keeps them from breaking apart over time, ensuring that fluorescent material does not leak into the bath and cause excess background.

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ASTM E1444

In October 2021, ASTM E1444 was published, replacing the 2016 revision. This revision is a part of a standard review cycle to address changes in the aerospace industry.

In total, more than seventy changes and updates are going into effect in this specification. Here are several significant changes you should be aware of.

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NDT world comes together at the ASNT Annual Conference

Every year, the NDT world comes together at the ASNT Annual Conference. This event is the largest conference for technicians, researchers, and other professionals to exchange information and technologies about nondestructive testing. The Annual Conference features hours of the top content from global NDT leaders, recertification contact hours, networking with your peers, explore the Exhibit Hall, and so much more. Stay informed with what’s going on in the NDT Industry.

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Comet brings the iXRS MesoFocus 450 MF

This November, Comet brings the iXRS MesoFocus 450 MF to the ASNT fall conference.

The 450 kV module revolutionizes the non-destructive testing market.

It delivers performance and enables high throughput without sacrificing spatial resolution or field of view – and power, performance, speed, Six Sigma production, and predictive maintenance are just some of the benefits you can experience.
Read all about the MesoFocus series in “MesoFocus applications

,” or visit our website for more product information.

ASNT details
Join us in the exhibition hall at booth no. 217 for more information on product developments, and at “Technical talks” for Comet insights presented by Market Segment Manager Mr. Anthony Williams.

We are looking forward to seeing everybody in person.

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