Magnetic Wet Bench Saves $75,833 a Year

Magnetic Wet Bench Saves $75,833 a Year

Use the Multi-Directional Magnetic Particle ROI Calculator to learn how the Universal WE can save you time and money .

The Customer

In this example case study, we use data from a customer that manufactures a large volume of automotive parts. The customer produces and inspects steering racks that are about 20 inches long and each one needs to be inspected in both directions.

Their parameters would be like other manufacturers producing automotive parts such as engine locks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts and steering racks.
The Challenge

The customer in this case study was facing the following challenges:

A need for a consistent and reliable process to ensuring that each part is thoroughly inspected.
A reduction in processing time without a reduction in the quality of the non-destructive test.

In most non-destructive testing processes only one of these needs can be satisfied at a time. Until now, adding more machines, adding shifts or adding operators would not overcome both challenges.
The Solution

Magnaflux is focused on solving customer pain points and improving the NDT processes. Multi-directional magnetic particle technology has expanded the capabilities of high speed inspection and the new Universal WE Multi-Directional AC Magnetic Wet Bench is designed for high speed, 100% inspection targeting surface defects.

The Universal WE can double inspection speed by magnetizing parts in multi-directions in a single shot
Allows full inspection of longer parts, up to 35.4 in (90 cm), without requiring an auxiliary coil
Speeds up part processing with a large automated surface shower

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