Selecting A Dye Penetrant Method

Selecting A Dye Penetrant Method

Three steps to narrow down a penetrant method through  governing specifications, part composition, and test parts.

Governing specifications and work procedures often dictate the penetrant method type. Selection of the penetrant method is based on the part’s end use, safety considerations, part composition, surface finish, and any important factors specific to the part. Selection of the correct penetrant method is important to not only comply with specifications but to detect surface breaking indications on the parts easily. The selection of the correct penetrant method along with the correct sensitivity level will result in confidently detecting the indications that can be found in the inspected parts


Penetrant Methods

  • Method A: Water washable
  • Method B: Post emulsifiable, lipophilic
  • Method C: Solvent removable
  • Method D: Post emulsifiable, hydrophilic

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